#03 - All about send demo for labels: Send your demo to various labels

Hi producer! This is moment for send your demo. Music is ready, mixdown is good and your look a great label for support your music. Ok. No problem. But, a great idea: send your demo for various labels in same time! Oops! No, no, no... Keep calm friend!

Think about this: you is a label manager, and want good music in your label. But, a in label listen demo is time and time is work. Right? So, the A&R receive a link in your inbox with 15 or 20 plays in SoundCloud... He think: this music is not exclusive for my label! Bye, bye your chance with this label. The A&R will not listen your music. Labels  with great work and support will not listen your music if your send for various labels in same time. Same that your music have be a private link.

Before send a demo, think in keep your song in a private link in at least 7 business days in exclusive for a label of your choose. Believe friend: this is the better choose, when you send your demo. Look a label with your style and send your demo. ;-)

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