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The great service of label Underground Beats that show for world music with high quality! If you is an artist independent or a label looking for mastering service, here we have the service that you looking!

What is Audio Mastering

Audio mastering is the final process and most critical step after your mixdown. Here we are the stage before the distribuition of your music. After mastered, your song are then release ready. In the mastering process will applies common tools such as EQ, compression, expansion, image tools and limiting. One or all of the above tools are often used. No two tracks are same and each track is treated individually, requiring a different solution to ensure the best results possible.

Although we always advise to fix any issues in the mixdown, mastering is also the last chance to repair any problems that occured in the recording process, such as click/glitch removal, de-essing and noise reduction. Of course, if we hear any issues we think can be fixed in your mixdown, we will advise and give you the chance to amend it.

Here in Underground Beats, if your release is with us, the mastering is FREE. But, case you want the service mastering for you or your label, we offer the service for you. Contact us by email: mastering@undergroundbeatsrecords.com

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About request the service

Info or doubt about service send us email for: mastering@undergroundbeatsrecords.com

Important: the track should be with the specifications below:
  • File type: wav
  • Sample rate: 44100
  • Bit Depth: 24
  • Peak of mixdown for mastering: -6dB
  • Send us the wav file inside .zip file (OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, WeTransfer...)
The process of payment will be done by service PayPal with all security for you.
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