3-7 business days for get reply about your demo. Please, wait.

Read the rules below about send us your demo. We are waiting your demo, but following the rules below.

Rules to send demo:

The Underground Beats is label that respect the work of artist and for more fast response your email, we have any rules about submit demos:

- Only private link Soundcloud (Exclusive tune for us. Not can be sublicense).
- Not we accept works in progress
- In the email for demo, send too: name track(s), your artist name, version of track
- In your first release, send us only original mixes with 2 tracks or more

We're supporting artists with music in the genres presented below:
  • Techno: Techno Underground / Dub Techno / Minimal 
  • Chillout: Ambient Dub, Downtempo 
  • Deep-house: Deep Tech-House
We are offering today:

★ Regular contract (non-exclusive)
★ Service mastering free (rule for free mastering below) *
★ Cover design free
★ Promotion of release
★ Release in the better stores: Beatport, Juno, Traxsource, iTunes, DJTunes and more...
★ Release in service of streams: Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and more...
★ Promo with DJ

Important, please read: Do not use your track to your MySpace or SoundCloud account, for example, to use for demo submissions (tracks in link "public"). Labels, like our, want the track to be exclusive and not online for several weeks and months. But, if you have a stuff exclusive and want release with us, send us following the rules presented above.


✘ Not send demo by the message to our account on SoundCloud.
✘ Not send your track attached (the file, mp3, wma, and other) in email like demo.
✘ Not send your mixdown before of we listen your music and approve it.
✘ We not will reply demo that not follow the rules presented.

About share private SoundCloud link:

More producers send us link that not work, because the private link not work by copy/paste. See this article for get information about how does work the share a private link in SoundCloud. [click here]

Email for demo: demo@undergroundbeatsrecords.com


* Rule for free mastering:  all release with our labels are made by Underground Beats with free mastering in our studio. The mastering after release will be send for artist (MP3 320Kbps).

Underground Beats

Last update: 11, August in 2019

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