#02 - All about send demo for labels: send a clip like demo

Hi guys, producers around the world! This is second article about send demo for labels. Follow us in this article:

This is brief and much strange: send a clip like demo! The A&R of labels receives a amount big of demos all days. So, receives a demo inbox and surprise: this demo have only 2 minutes, because it's a clip, isn't a demo full. How this? Think about this producer: you is a A&R of a label, with a amount big of demos for listen all days, the that you will do in this case? We do not need of reply this ask, right?

This is a tip simply for all your life of producer: never send a clip like demo for a label! Never! The moment of submit a demo for a label is unique and you have that be "precise" in this moment. Think that you has an only chance in this process in majority of case... So, for end: send full track for labels! Ok, friend?

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