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Here in Underground Beats we are happy with arrival of producer/DJ Nei Fidelis in our label. With great sound in genre Techno (sound underground and dancing) Nei Fidelis show for world like if do techno and in this interview he tell us like all this began and other things more. Nei Fidelis was the main release of month of june with your EP Drawing Days [UB00002]. Follow this interview with us:

Q: Who is Nei Fidelis? Talk us about yourself or any story about your life that you want to share.
R: Since I was a little boy music was part of my life. I remember that with twelve years old I used to create melodies in my mind.

I liked to listen a lot of new age, synth pop and disco stuff. But where I lived it was difficult to a boy have an keyboard or something.

Q: How did it all start for you?
R: At age of thirtheen a friend has borrowed me an simple 3 octaves keyboard and this was funny. And I used record dance music on cassete tapes, and I used to play making transitions between tapes, beatmaching, speeding up with a touch in the pause button while I was holding the play button locked, or decreasing the speed pressing the roll. I learned beatmaching before my very first contact on turntables. I start to play on turntables at age of fourteen, not in clubs, just in friends parties.

Q: About your inspiration: please tell us about this, the inspiration behind your productions.
R: A lot of things. Music from my favourite artists - electronic music or not - videogames and movies soundtracks or even urban sounds. I like to walk around subjects in some music, I already did music about videogames, about life out of earth, about dreams, etc.

Actually I am very inspired by stuations and ambience.

Q: What the music brought for your life after begin the carrer like DJ/producer?
R: When I was a young DJ in the early 90's, I was loving to hear and play that pop eurodance and underground house from late 80's and I wanted to do it but I did not have access to the equipment needed at the time. So I discovered the rock, I learned to play guitar and bass and I had some rock bands between 2000 and 2009. Just in 2012 I came back to be DJ side oh the life (!!!) and in late 2013 I started to produce my own music.

Q: You is an excellent producer in genre Techno! Do you started in techno at the beginning of your productions?
R: Actually no. I started making progressive house and electro house, but when I had a more serious contact with the techno vibe I was infatuated!

Q: Some DJ/producer that inspires your productions?
R: Every day even an new producer can inspires me like my heros does. But some artists guided me to the way i would to go. My first contact in techno which i pay close attention is names like Christian Smith, Green Velvet, Nicole Moudaber, Hollen, The Chemical Brothers and others. But I wanted to make music since when I was a boy and I was listening Information Society, AB Logic, 49ers, Donna Summer etc.

Q: Tell us: your best production that you considers today.
R: It's complicated to choose it because I did a lot of unreleased music who I like very much, before my first track released.

I prefeer to think that I will still do my best track. Between my released tracks at the moment I like very much of the results on "24 senses" and "Cat wiggle".

Q: What are currently your main challenges as a producer?
R: To do quality music, which people like to hear inside and outside the dance floor, which to boost the energy in the day-by-day and make myself and the listeners happier.

Q: Only one tip for new producers and DJs.
R: Listen carefully to the sound that inspires you and learn how to make your sound. If you have a sound type as a parameter, use it as a comparison. And when you reach that goal use your creativity with a quality basis to create the sound with your own identity.

Q: Do you follow sports, or have any hobbies outside of music?
R: Currently I've been just doing fitness by health. I like to run across the coast in the city I live. When I was younger I walked in inline skates and I used to play inline skates hockey. I like videogames and I am an motorsports passionate. I go to run in cart when I can and I still want to build my own trackdays car.

Q: Next steps about your project like DJ/producer?
R: I just arrived in europe, I arrived in june, so of course I want to play here! And improve my studio to be able to do more quality stuff.

Q: Tell us any thing. Topic free for end your interview.
R: It is gratifying to be able to answer these questions as someone who has a recognition for the work done.

Bio of Nei Fidelis:
        DJ since 1994, musician since 2001, Nei Fidelis started to make your own electronic music in 2013 putting a sound full of their influencies from past and present, however, very personal and distinct. His sound travels between the subgenres and reveals a singular trace with the elements merging and leading the listener to a ride with rhythm and not so obvious tones.  His mixies have achieved the attention of listeners from around the world and was broadcasted by Digitally Imported (USA), FNOOB Techno Radio (UK), WOX Radio (Argentina), Kittikun Minimal Techno (Japão), Cuebase-FM (Germany), Club DJ Portugal (Portugal) and others. Occasionally Nei is guest to make remixies and collabs, as been with Cherokey (Ukraine) and Makaja Gonzales (Netherlands). 

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This was the interview with Nei Fidelis. Do part of our history. Send us your demo and shows to all that underground world is an great place for live. For more information about demo [click here].

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