#01 - All about send demo for labels: presents your work

We doing this series of articles about subject "send demo" and this is the first of series: "All about send demo for labels". Follow the first article:

Well, well, well... Yes: you want send a demo for a label, but not respects your own work. But, how? We receive much email with demo in our label, since when we announce that we were accepting demo. But, we don't understand one thing: why the producers do not do a presentation about your project and your music!

All labels that have a work serious about music, want at least a basic presentation about your project. This is your CV for label, friend! The labels are much occupied and if you producer want stand out in a saturated market like the of music, pay attention to this tip: presents your work with respect! It's simple: in the email, send, for example:
Your name:
Artist name:
Bio: (if have)
Beatport: (last releases, if have)
Facebook: (page your project, if have)
Music: name of track (version)
This is simples, very simple, friend! We see much producers with great music that not have your demo accepts by no label... Why? Think about this: if you want a employment, the first thing you will do is have a good presentation and shows a good organization. Right? The serious labels will want you and your music, but before your music be accept, you have that be accept by label. Remember this... Remeber that: here we are speaking about labels that work with seriousness and respect!

Finally: if you wait have your work accepted by a label (the our or not), remember this tip before send a demo in the next time. :-)

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