Rendering for High Quality Mixdown

Mixdown! Arrival the hour the send the demo to label. But, how to send your track with high quality for mastering? The objective is to have a high quality resolution rendering suitable for audio mastering. Here, let's see any tips for you have a mixdown with great quality.

#01 - Peak in -6dB

Yes! Headroom have be with -6dB or -3dB (limit for good mastering). Why? In process of mastering this is the space for a good mastering. So, you must have be with a mix balanced and without peaks along time of music.

#02 - Use compressor for peaks

Compression is a great technique for resolution problem of peak. Percussions, stabs is problematic in mix, because cause peaks. The compression can be the resolution for this problem. Try this!

#03 - Send your track in WAV/24bit

Why send in 24bit? Simply, because this is the best quality for mastering process. The purpose is to leave sample rate conversion, noise shaping and dithering to the mastering engineer for best results.

Your mixdown must be exported with (for good mastering):

File type: wav
Sample rate: 44100
Bit Depth: 24
Peak of mixdown for mastering: -6dB

For end...

Audio mastering is the final process and most critical step after your mixdown. Here we are the stage before the distribuition of your music. After mastered, your song are then release ready. In the mastering process will applies common tools such as EQ, compression, expansion, image tools and limiting. One or all of the above tools are often used.

No two tracks are same and each track is treated individually, requiring a different solution to ensure the best results possible. By this, the mixdown step is process important in your music. With all this process applied in your music, has a render with quality is big and important step for sucess and quality of your music.

Have in your mind that: mastering not resolve problem of mix of your music. So, send your music with great quality in mixdown for that your sound go to world with great quality! We await your demo. See rules for send us demo: [click here].
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